Charlotte Family Law Attorney

Charlotte attorney Brien Bowlin manages our family law practice area at Knipp Law. He is thoroughly committed to working hard on behalf of those who need help with divorce, custody and adoption.


We realize how difficult your life may be when you are in the process of dissolving a partnership. We know that spouses can hold anger and lingering resentment over the years that you see played out in disputes over property, assets and children. We hope to bring some calm and compassion to a difficult process. We will help spouses come to an agreement over financial issues without disruptive battles in court. However, we also realize that if spouses were unable to work things out while married, it may be doubly difficult during a divorce. We will fight hard in court to win an equitable outcome for you and your family.

Child Custody

Children may end up as innocent bystanders in a divorce conflict. Our attorneys will always look out for the child’s best interests. We will help good parents obtain the parental rights they should have while protecting the child’s right to live in a supportive environment.

Marital Agreements

Whether a relationship is at the beginning or near the end, spouses with a career and a collection of assets and property may wish to protect those assets with a pre-nuptial agreement. We can draft ironclad documents that would sail through any judicial process, an agreement that would clarify each party’s finances and give a new couple one less thing to worry about.

Post-marital agreements may help couples avoid conflict and hardship during a divorce. Such an agreement may also save time and money in the end, as well as saving any children involved from experiencing undue stress.

Family Law Attorney in Charlotte

Our firm also helps with family law issues unrelated to marriage. We can help families adopt a child, obtain legal guardianship, or other parental rights. We can also pursue the termination of parental rights of a birth parent if necessary. We are a full-service firm with a team dedicated to the practice of family law in Charlotte. Call us today to discuss our services.