Charlotte Child Custody & Support Attorney

At Knipp Law Office, we are dedicated to protecting children and always look out for their best interest. Our Family Law Attorney Brien Bowlin will be an asset to anyone looking for help in obtaining custody of a child or obtaining parental rights to raise a child.

Charlotte Child Custody Attorney

The question of who gets “custody” of a child after a divorce causes a great deal of angst for parents. North Carolina courts favor maintaining the parental relationship with each parent, especially when it comes to parental rights and the power to make decisions about the child’s future. The courts normally award legal custody jointly. Both parents will have a say in where a child goes to school or about health care. It is possible that a judge will determine that one parent does not receive legal custody, and one spouse may make such an argument. We will work for the child’s best interests at Knipp Law Office, and if it is not in a child’s best interest for one parent to have legal custody, we can make that argument.

Charlotte Step Parent Adoption Attorney

If you have remarried after a divorce, you may be a new parent to stepchildren. You may want to obtain the same legal parental rights as a biological parent regarding your stepchildren. One way of accomplishing this is to adopt your stepchildren. We can help with the process and show the court you are deserving of these rights. We can also take steps to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent.

Attorney in Charlotte Helps Parents Determine Physical Custody

Perhaps most divorcing couples are concerned about physical custody, who will be the full-time caretaker of the children. Again, the court will use the “best interest” standard to determine physical custody. However, joint physical custody isn’t favored, as a joint arrangement may be too disruptive to a child’s development. We will make a strong argument on your behalf to show the court why you should maintain sole physical custody, and allow for visitation rights for the non-custodial parent.

We can help you figure out the somewhat confusing North Carolina child support determination process. The court observes many factors including spousal income, amount of visitation by the non-custodial parent and other issues. If you cannot work out child support in an agreement, we will argue your case.

Charlotte Attorney Committed to Helping Spouses with Child Custody Issues

In the sometimes combative and emotional process that is divorce, we will be a compassionate and committed partner in your effort to move forward. When children are involved, we redouble our efforts to look out for your family’s future. Call Brien Bowlin at Knipp Law Office for further assistknance.