Charlotte Divorce & Separation Attorney

Our firm’s family law practice manager is Brien Bowlin, a young lawyer who has dedicated himself to helping families through the difficult circumstance of a separation or divorce. He is sensitive to the emotional and financial complexities of the situation and takes a client-focused approach to family law issues. We want our clients to talk about what they want out of the situation, what makes the best possible outcome, and what they expect for their post-divorce future. This way, Mr. Bowlin and our team can provide the best possible service.

Charlotte Divorce & Separation Attorney

We help spouses come to the negotiation table prior to getting an “absolute” divorce. We can help you obtain a judicially recognized separation while you and your spouse work out the terms of your divorce. We will negotiate the distribution of property and assets and issues regarding children if any are involved. Once we work out an agreement together, we present it to the judge and the process should conclude without difficulty. We would remind all that any actions taken prior to any judicial order can have long-term consequences for your financial situation, so please talk to us as soon as possible.

Charlotte Attorney Negotiates Equitable Division of Assets in a Divorce

Even though you may be working on an amicable divorce with your spouse, you may want to take certain steps to protect any assets or real property that you may feel entitled to keep. We can help you protect yourself and your property. You can also take possession of these assets, as who is in possession may be a factor in who keeps them.

North Carolina’s law regarding the division of property demands an equitable distribution of marital property, meaning property is divided using the guidance of fairness. Each couple’s situation is different, and so the law will divide property by analysis of each situation. We can present a case for what you believe to be an equitable distribution; however, a judge may disagree. It may be best to work out an agreement with your spouse if at all possible.

Charlotte Spousal Support Attorney

Support, alimony or maintenance is another contentious issue in a divorce proceeding. We can help you work out an agreement regarding payments from the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse (the person who earns less). We can also make a strong argument on your behalf if we must resolve a dispute in court.

Our firm will work tirelessly to help you get your life on track during a divorce or separation. If you need a divorce or separation attorney in Charlotte, call Brien Bowlin at Knipp Law today.