Charlotte Marital Agreements Attorney

At Knipp Law, we believe some issues that plague marriages and divorces could be solved with a proper prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Some couples with significant assets find that their divorces are contentious and exhaust their finances and mental state. When issues like division of property and assets are predetermined by a substantial contractual agreement, couples can focus on real issues, and we can help. Our family law division manager Brien Bowlin will work with any couple, no matter the size of their estate, on marital agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements Attorney in Charlotte

We will have a frank discussion regarding your assets, liabilities and real property holdings as you and your future spouse prepare for marriage. We recognize the sensitive nature of the discussion and we will approach the matter with thoughtfulness. You will also consider potential issues should the marriage end in divorce, such as who will pay for health insurance, the existence of life insurance policies and taxes. Our goal will be to ensure both parties that the discussion yields an` equitable agreement and no one gets taken advantage of by the other.

Charlotte Attorney Negotiates Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements serve to make the dissolution of marriage less taxing on minds and wallets. We will work on an equitable agreement between spouses that the family law judge will find no objection.

When we discuss prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, we will discuss more than a list of bank accounts and insurance policies. We want our clients to feel they have been treated fairly and feel confident that they are prepared for any eventuality. Our agreements will withstand judicial review; however, they will be flexible enough to accommodate life’s changes. At Knipp Law, we are client-focused in all our practice areas, especially when it comes to our family law practice. Call our family law manager Mr. Bowlin to discuss marital agreement possibilities today.